The Tech You Need in Your Homes

Who doesn’t love hi-tech gadgets? They can make daily tasks easier or just make life more enjoyable. Check out these hi-tech gadgets and upgrades that can turn your community into a futuristic neighborhood.

Lockitronhome digital
Everyone’s experienced it at least once. You leave your home, but it’s not until you’re miles away that you wonder if you locked the door. With Lockitron, you don’t have to wonder. The device comes with an app that tells you if the door is locked or unlocked. It even allows you to monitor your family members by telling you who has left or entered the house.

Acoustable is a minimalist coffee table, but that’s not all it is. Sure, you can set your drink on it or kick back and put your feet on it, but it can do so much more. It has a high-end sound system, but you can also connect your smartphone to it. It allows you to play music from your phone while also charging it.

Floor Plan Light Switch
Getting the perfect lighting can be difficult, but with the Floor Plan Light Switch, you have more control than ever. Instead of a switch, the control has a layout of the floorplan. You simply press the area you want lit, and the light comes on. This is also a great way to have all your light controls in one place. No more entering that dark hallway to find the light switch.

Hi-Can Bed
The Hi-Can Bed is the only way to sleep. First, it is an elegant and modern four-poster style bed. Like traditional four-post beds, it has shades to keep you in the dark while you sleep. However, it’s also technologically advanced. With a high quality sound system, built-in PC and entertainment console, you won’t ever want to get out of bed.

Cybertecture Mirror
Just looking at yourself in the mirror is so last year. With the Cybertecture Mirror, you can see so much more. It allows you to install apps, which display information on the mirror, such as news and weather. You can keep up to date on what’s going on outside while you get ready for your day.

Technology is constantly evolving, and while some of these may seem a little more outrageous than others, they are all designed to make your life a little better. Turn your house into the talk of the neighborhood with these great devices.