Help Your Homeowners (Part II)

smiling couple looking at blueprint at homeThe intent of a homeowners’ manual is to deliver useful and timely information to homeowners. It is an easy way to guide your clients to useful product information, common maintenance solutions, and homeowner education. Information may be delivered in a hard-copy printed version or in some digital/online format. Either way, the information should be organized and categorized for quick and easy access. It should also provide general green living tips, resources, and additional information.

The NGBS includes Homeowner Education/Maintenance elements to ensure that homeowners are able to maintain and enjoy the long-term benefits from their homes’ green features. For a home to be NGBS Green Certified, the homeowners/maintenance manual must include all the mandatory items and obtain enough optional points to meet the Chapter 10 point threshold.

Maintenance checklists provide a baseline for homeowners on when to perform various maintenance tasks, as well as provide a guideline for which tasks are DIY versus those that may require calling a professional. Maintenance task checklists should be organized monthly, seasonally, or annually.

Homeowner education is typically conducted upon the walk-through of the house and can be easily reinforced with use of a homeowners’ manual and/or a custom online platform. Good education and a comprehensive homeowners’ manual may even reduce call-backs, especially concerning the most common homeowner questions and concerns. Remember, homeowner education is an invaluable opportunity for you to showcase the quality of the green or high-performance home you have built, and your level of customer service.

Home buyers often feel overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility that comes with owning a new home. Without a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, they turn to the builder, flooding customer service with requests and questions for areas of the home that they should be maintaining. The dwellingLIVE Homeowner Manual and online platform solves this problem by providing every piece of valuable information a new home buyer needs to maintain their new home, professionally assembled and organized in an intuitive and user-friendly way!

This documentation helps builders establish greater loyalty through improved home buyer satisfaction and communication. Not only does this information recognize the significant investment made by home buyers, but it empowers them to take the lead on properly maintaining their homes. Our wellspring of climate-appropriate, industry-vetted content is a broad resource of best practices for continuous maintenance. Maintenance information management is the cornerstone of several key initiatives undertaken by the builder which will work to reduce risk, increase home buyer satisfaction, and increase internal efficiency.

dwellingLIVE is dedicated to ensuring each and every home is properly maintained. In our efforts to provide our customers with the best home experience possible, we have developed specific maintenance instructions for our clients. These documents provide homeowners with important information that will allow them to better maintain their home and ensure they have the tools available to protect their investment. It inspires them to get the most out of their home and life. Plus your legal department will love the consistency you will be able to deliver. Start reducing risk and increasing customer satisfaction today.