Feature Spotlight: Online Maintenance Manuals

Maintenance ManualsTraditional maintenance manuals for any home can be a burden, as keeping track of hundreds of pages of material isn’t always easy. dwellingLIVE Home’s Online Maintenance Manuals  keeps all necessary home information in one, digital space.

Builders love this feature because not only does it reduce cost, but it drastically decreases time entering product, manufacturer, and warranty information into physical maintenance manuals. Instead, dwellingLIVE Home relies on industry experts to input this information, taking the tedious work out of builders’ admin time.

As mentioned in a previous post, CALGreen compliance is imperative for all builders in California — and we continue to see a similar trend across the U.S. dwellingLIVE Home’s Online Maintenance Manuals provide a simple way to make the building process more “green.” By making all home information digital, we significantly reduce the amount of paper waste created from traditional maintenance manuals.

Check out dwellingLIVE.com/home for more information about how you can reap the benefits of Online Maintenance Manuals.